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Tianneng group lead-acid waste water 3754 tons / day

Tianneng group (Henan) Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a new construction of a sewage treatment plant and sewage treatment plant. And through this project, and strive to become the domestic lead-acid battery industry, "energy-saving emission reduction," "recycling economy" demonstration enterprise.
The overall planning and design of the sewage treatment station is considered as the landscape greening, which will eventually become a scenic spot and bright spot in the region, and satisfy the rationality of the process flow.
This project contains a total of four parts, respectively, 1000 tons / day of sewage treatment, 300 tons / day of washing wastewater treatment part, 2400 tons / day of production waste water treatment, 54 tons / hour depth treatment of wastewater reuse.
The reclaimed water used for processing system of water production can be used as pure water preparation system of raw water, production water replenishment, production process clean water and other industrial miscellaneous water and so on. Reclaimed water was used after operation system, will effectively save water resources, reduce the amount of water use, and significantly reduce the amount of sewage discharge, which can save water resource costs to run the plant for the owners, bring considerable economic benefit and social benefit.