Business Scope
Business Scope


WINNER specializes in industrial environmental treatment projects, including general contract construction of industrial wastewater treatment plants, installation and commissioning of wastewater treatment facilities, reclaimed water reuse and zero discharge projects, production of pure water and ultra-pure water equipment, on-line reuse of production lines and resource recovery, high concentration waste liquid and sludge reduction project, anaerobic biogas reuse, supporting waste gas treatment facilities construction, third-party operation and maintenance services. The project model is flexible.

       (1)EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction)

       (2)PC(Procurement Construction)

       (3)BT(Build Transfer)

       (4)BOT(Build Operate Transfer)

       (5)BOO(Build Own Operate)

       (6)EMC(Energy Management Contract)

       (7)O&M(Operations & Maintenance)


Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd
Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd

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